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We’re measuring our economy by the wrong numbers!
October 9, 2011, 9:45 pm
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This compelling article in Sunday’s NY Times points out that the numbers used to measure the health of the economy are absolutely the wrong ones. Instead of G.D.P., stock indices and trade data — that are “so deeply flawed as to be irrevelant or worse, dangerous distractions” — approximately assessing only the status of corporations, banks and the military, we should be looking for numbers that reflect what real citizens want and need.

After, it’s the corporations, banks and military that got us into this mess in the first place, and they are still profiting handsomely from “our” recession. It’s a bit like a cattle rustler stealing a cow from us, and then demanding that we pay for its room and board!

Measuring happiness (or at least, contentment) is what many successful European countries do, and we fall very short when it comes to this.

Read this powerful article by David J. Rothkopf: “Redefining the Meaning of No. 1”:

(David J. Rothkopf is the author of the forthcoming “Power, Inc.: The Epic Rivalry Between Big Business and Government — and the Reckoning that Lies Ahead.”)

. . . And start checking your life to see if it measures up on the “happiness scale”!


Wondering about the deficit? Experts have answers!
April 24, 2011, 4:01 pm
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:: This article, by David Leonhardt in the December 5, 2010, NY Times is as timely as ever:

:: So is this link from ;

:: not to mention HUGH LAURIE’S own protest song: — in case you were wondering what his take on it was.

Think about it!

Women: Is Seniority Acceptable?
June 12, 2008, 3:08 pm
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30-some years after women claimed the right to work, it seems odd to find that we’re still making (about) $.67 on a man’s dollar, and that we’re less likely to be hired (especially if we’re over 40!)

Does anyone else out there have opinions on this subject?

I remember going to a major design studio a few years ago and being told (quite honestly, to give them credit) that they hire women FIRST because:

1) They work harder and longer hours, and are more “detailed-oriented” than men;
2) They ask for lower pay;
3) The men can be hired after the women, as the pay scale has been set by the women: and it’s “equal pay” for all!

Prior to the 1970s we had to put up with sexual harassment and even rape in the work place (it wasn’t entirely illegal; just “bad taste”: the men never lost a rung on the upward climb, but the women often stagnated in their rank.) Now we can’t even enjoy an off-color joke; but the rewards at the top are still largely beyond our reach. This is largely due to women NOT helping other women, and (given the choice of equal abilities) hiring men in preference to their sisters.

Why is this happening? And why are women unwittingly colluding in this”conspiracy” against themselves??

As we continue to be the growing majority on the planet — and as the Boomer men continue to drop like flies (as men do when they age; women outlive them) — let’s get together and empower our sisters at home and around the globe! This is our golden opportunity to rewrite the paradigm that wrote us out of the picture some 3-6,000 years ago. Sexism, AND AGEISM, should have no place in today’s work place.

This is not to say that men don’t have the right to be recognized and appropriately compensated for their individual talents. It’s just that the wealth should be spread around a bit, not hoarded in the CEOs offices, or the Men’s Rooms.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s observed these discrepancies, and has sad war stories to share. Fortunately, I am now in a better position to empower other women through my own company, TomatoDesign.Net. What position are YOU in to make a significant change?

You GO girl!!

Let me hear what you think!