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Hurricane Irene, continued
August 28, 2011, 4:12 pm
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Leaving my loft at 23rd and 6th, I walked one block east to 5th Avenue. The Flatiron Building (or at least the phone store in it) had taken unusual precautions, given the odd-shaped windows they had to cover. A+ for wrapping excellence!

Next I walked south on Broadway to Union Square, where a large number of emergency vehicles was parked at the north end, opposite the New York Film School. They looked so useless sitting there, as the streets were dry and very few tree branches were down. I don’t think anyone in Manhattan even lost power.

Naturally, the above truck had “Emergency” written on it

Further along in the park there were a few downed branches; but not enough to justify closing the park.

I kept walking along 14th St., south of Union Square, and came upon a hardware store with this telling sign:

Just past the hardware store was a ConEd truck, parked and opinionated:

Okaaayyy. Well, moving right along: I continued on into the East Village and saw a tree trying to get out of its box in a schoolyard:

On the sidewalk in front of the tree was the perhaps the most discouraging comment on the heavy rainfall. It reminds me of Sisyphus or maybe the Sorcerer’s Apprentice:

You can’t fault them for trying.

At Tompkins Square Park (in the heart of the East Village) there was tree debris all over, but only a few branches and one tree down that I could see.

On my way back, I crossed town on 10th Street, which gave me this thought-provoking vista. You’d think she would have seen this coming!

At least the trees weren’t real . . .

That pretty much covers the “devastation” of Irene, as we experienced it in NYC. It was very cloudy, but the sun occasionally brightened the sky and it didn’t rain all day.

Arriving in the West Village, I saw these 2 houses by NYU, and photographed them for the hell of it:

I don’t know how you feel, but I find it’s utterly essential to ensure that your ride always matches your shutters.

Next door to it was this house, with an (old?) sign advertising “Private Boarding Stables”. As there was also a sign concerning an Active Driveway, I assumed that the horses had been retired to their celestial pasture some time ago. But maybe not . . .

And, after a ±4-mile trot, I arrived home soaking wet from the humidity.

Some weekend.

Hope yours was better!


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